Summary of interesting dates in
Old Beckenham.

First mention of a windmill in West Wickham.

West Wickham granted the right to hold a market. No evidence that it was ever held.

First Kelsey House, Beckenham built.

Population of West Wickham estimated to be 120.

Langley Chapel consecrated.

Beckenham Church extended.

First account of beating of the bounds in Beckenham.

Anthony Rawlins, a wealthy London merchant, dies while staying at Kent House and bequeaths money to be used for almshouses. The Rawlins Almshouses survive today next to Beckenham Church.

Clock House, Beckenham built.

John Cator buys the manor of Beckenham and builds a new manor house, Beckenham Place Park.

Beckenham Rectory built, designed by Robert Adam it contained a number of his fireplaces, later transferred to Beckenham Town Hall one of these is now in the mayor’s parlour at Bromley Civic Centre. Outbreak of smallpox in Beckenham causes the vestry to offer free inoculations.

John Julius Angerstein, a member of Lloyd’s of London, acquires Kent House, Beckenham.

Kelsey House, Beckenham rebuilt.

Foxgrove manor sold to Peter Burrell of Langley.


Foxgrove Manor demolished and re-built.

Window Tax abolished.

'The Cage' on Church Hill demolished.

Henry Copeland came to Beckenham.

Street lighting introduced as a Private Enterprise.
Kelsey Manor Lodges (Cottages) built.1

National School for Children opened at Shortlands Church. Ancient Order of Foresters (The Court of St. George) established.

Beckenham Industrial Co-operative Society, Ltd. formed.

Beckenham Cottage Hospital opened (8 beds).

Home of Compassion (108/110 Bromley Road) built.

Beckenham Charitable Society formed.
Miss Wood - first Kindergarten Teacher (1st Class) in England.First Publication of Beckenham Journal.

Old Beckenham Mission (Bromley Road) built.

Foxgrove Farm buildings demolished.

Anthony Rawlin's Almshouses restored and enlarged.

First Meeting of Beckenham Local Board. West Wickham Railway Station opened.

Public Hall, Bromley Road, built. Toll Gate - Kent House Road - demolished. Last occasion of 'Beating the Bounds' 17th May.




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  • Mal Mitchell

    A timeline is a great idea but needs expanding. Any chance of getting edits into it?
    e.g.(just few of those possible)
    1345 The Lay Subsidy Roll lists names of taxpayers in Beckenham, some appear in history such as Brun or Bruin, Langele and others suggest place names ie Stomeshulle for Stumpshill and Cleyhurst for Clay Hill.
    1623 A map of Beckenham Manor shows it is divided between Henry Snellyer and John Dalston as a result of 2 earlier heiresses marrying while owning the two halves.
    1659 Thomas Philipott records that Lady Christian Leigh widow of Sir Francis Leigh is in occupation of Langley Park.
    1723 Amy Raymond marries Peter Burrell (the second of four Peter Burrells in Beckenham). She is a daughter of Hugh Raymond who will become a local landlord.
    1732 Hugh Raymond buys Langley and Simpsons Place in Bromley.
    1737 Jones Raymond inherits Langley
    1749/51 Frederick St.John, Viscount St.John and Viscount Bolingbroke inherits the Manor of Beckenham from his father John, and title Bolingbroke from his Uncle
    1756 Peter Burrell of Langley dies and Amy his widow inherits his properties.
    1760 is the date of John Cator building a house on Stumpshill according to his father in law Peter Collinson and the date of Cator purchasing land around Beckenham from the heirs of the Tolson/Tilly family

    PS 1792/93 is the date Burrell Lord Gwydyr exchanges land with Cator. Foxgrove Manor had been divided but all came together again under John Cator in this year.

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